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We at Riskex never cease to be amazed at the talents and achievements of our team - and this extends to their families too! We are full of pride for Chelsey Sharp who recently won the prestigious Scottish Junior Open Championship 2021! At just 14 years old, Chelsey is well on her way to achieving her ambitions to become a pro golfer, and in the last few weeks alone has chalked up one championship win at the Scottish Junior Open that took place at the esteemed St Andrews golf course as well as an impressive 3rd place trophy in her category at the recent Faldo Series tournament held at Rhuddlan Golf Club in Wales. As a previous sponsor for Chelsey, Riskex couldn’t be prouder! Read on to find out more… Q1: Where did your original interest in playing golf come from? I first picked up a set of golf clubs when I was 7 or 8 – although they were the small, plastic kiddies clubs! My Granddad took me with him to our local club in Kettering, more as a social activity than anything – but I quickly discovered I was quite good at it! I was hugely inspired by the professional golfer, Charlie Hull, who was also a member of Kettering Golf Club and so I fell in love with the sport very quickly. Q2: What have been the benefits of playing golf for you? Mmm… that’s a good question! I think there have been many benefits, the biggest definitely being how the sport has boosted my self-confidence. I was always very shy as a small child but playing Golf has definitely bought me out of my shell as I’ve travelled extensively and so I meet new people wherever I go. That brings me to my next point – Golf has grown my social circle drastically, so as well as the obvious benefits of health and wellbeing, I’m having a lot of fun making new friends! Another way that Golf has benefited me is that it has helped to develop my analytical thinking, always analysing the different course types and weather whilst playing Golf has helped me take that focus into my academic studies. Q3: Can you talk me through your achievements to date? Aah, most definitely winning the Scottish junior Open in August. It was an awesome experience, not only to be able to play at such a famous course, but also, the first time I have played a links course, so an amazing new challenge for me. It was such a privilege; I really wasn’t expecting to win. I’ve always had the attitude that I’m playing the course, not the people and I think this has helped me to focus on the game – and ultimately become the Scottish Junior Open 2021 champion. Q4: What are your ambitions for your golfing career? I’m really passionate about Golf and thoroughly enjoy playing nationally. My ambition is to become a Pro Golfer and get to travel internationally – I’d love to have the opportunity to play in the Solheim Cup (the Women’s equivalent the Ryder Cup). My shorter-term goal is to compete in the English and Welsh Ladies tournament next year. Q5: Tell me about how Riskex got involved in sponsoring you? Like many sports, Golfing can become quite expensive – not only for the clubs and other kit but also competition fees, club fees and the travel costs. I’m really grateful to both my parents and grandparents who support me practically but even with their backing, it’s difficult to progress without financial support. Riskex began to sponsor me when I first started to play at county level a few years ago, when the costs of competing started to build up. Q6: And lastly, what advice would you give to other young women interested in taking up golf? That’s a tough one…. I think my advice is relevant across all sports… first you have to be determined to keep it up – golf is a lot of fun but at times, especially when playing in new tournaments and on new courses, the pressure can build up so I would say that you have to have a passion for Golf and be determined to ride through the tough times - keep focused, listen to advice, and lean on the emotional support of your friends and family. But at the end of the day, when you are on the course, no one can really help you so it’s important that you have self-belief and be strong-minded to have the courage to pick yourself up and carry on when you have a bad round. It helps to have a super-proud, super-fan accompanying you on your competitions too – my grandad always travels with me and I couldn’t do without him! We continue to wish Chelsey all the best and congratulate her on her success at this year’s Scottish Junior Open
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