Riskex is pleased to support European Week for Safety and Health at Work, which this year is focussed on the topic of creating safe workspaces for people of all ages, across all European states.

An Ageing Workforce

By 2030, workers aged 55–64 are expected to make up 30% or more of the workforce in many European countries.  With the changes to default retirement ages, increased life expectancy, and the rise of the State Pension age, the number of older workers has been steadily on the rise.

There are age-related myths to be dispelled, and this HSE web page has some useful facts, as well as guidance about factors to consider for creating a healthy and safe work environment for older people.

Guidance page:   HSE Guidance For Older Workforce


Young People Joining The Workforce

At the other end of the spectrum, young people under 18 are an increasing feature, either as employees, for work experience or as apprentices. The issues are unique to this age group, and the HSE’s web page below explains what employers need to consider in order to establish young people safely in their organisation.

Guidance page:   HSE Guidance For Young Workers